About the dances

Foxtrot Key characteristics are smooth, gliding steps with a heel lead, controlled movement and an easy going look. The Foxtrot is an all-purpose dance that can be performed to many different styles of music

Waltz Characterized by Rise and Fall and Sway. The feet stay in contact with the floor, creating a smooth, gliding look. Waltz has an elegant gracefulness with a romantic, and sometimes melancholy, feel

Tango Characterized by a close hold, a low center of gravity and emphasis on Contra Body Movement. The movement in Tango is stealthy, almost cat-like and has an unmistakable staccato feel

Viennese Waltz is a unique dance in that it is one of the fastest music tempos, yet you must show control an air of magic. It is an elegant, sophisticated dance.

Quickstep A lively dance with happy music and energetic patterns. This dance is very aerobic and is an exciting dance to dance and watch.

Salsa A dance, like the food, made up of different ingredients creating “sabor” (flavor) & style. The music and history of this dance makes Salsa a favorite among dancers

Rumba “The Dance of Love” is distinguished by its romantic feel. A non-progressive dance with its most important characteristic being continuous, flowing Cuban Motion

Cha-Cha A lively, fun & flirty dance. A non-progressive dance with emphasis on Cuban Motion and rhythm expressed throughout the body

East Coast Swing Is a fun, upbeat dance, distinguished by its bounce, back break and Swing Hip Motion. East Coast Swing is a non-progressive dance

Samba  is an upbeat, lively dance that progresses counter-clockwise around the floor. It is characterized by its bounce and rolling hip action.

West Coast Swing is a smooth, no bounce dance that is danced in a slot. WCS can be danced to a wide range of music including Rhythm and Blues, Country Western, Funk, Disco, Rock and Pop.